Are you looking for AN Automate Twitter Promotion & Marketing software to promote your online business and increase your profits?

Seeking ways to promote your Web presence via Twitter? Do you need an easy to use Twitter program that allows automatically getting Twitter followers and following like minded people? If so, our Twitter auto poster - Auto follower software can help you to reach your goals. Management-Ware Automated Tweet is a Twitter Marketing Application for every Twitter user.

OUR SOFTWARE Features & Benefits

  • Search for users by Tweet keywords.
  • Search for users who have referenced other people .
  • Search for followers of other users .
  • Check the current or weekly trends
  • Automatically send follows.
  • Automatically follow users back .
  • Automatically send unfollows.
  • Automated Direct Messaging.
  • Automatically send messages
  • Automatically send tweets.
  • Save and Load profile lists
  • Works with unlimited number of accounts
  • Automatic software updates (Free updates)
  • Scheduled Tweeting. And much much more.

With Management-Ware Automated TWEET SOFTWARE you will get AND can easily

  • Advertise your business.
  • Increase in traffic on your Web site - Drive thousands of real human traffic a day even without followers
  • Increase in sales/leads (reach a batch of people with a simple tweet)
  • Send direct messages to your followers in a push of a button
  • Use unlimited number of accounts
  • Post and schedule thousands of tweets
  • NO monthly Fees
  • Lifetime license /FREE updates for life

How to use Twitter to develop a marketing strategy?

  • Develop your network of followers... you will be able to pass the right the right people.
  • Know your followers
  • Create conversations in order to bring people together
  • Bring some value - give information different from the others
  • Twitter as an individual, not as a trade mark
  • Integrate Twitter into your site (but not too much) - visitors will find your web site more easily on Twitter.
  • Follow and lead what people say...


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If you have any issues using Management-Ware Automated Tweet software, don't hesitate to contact us. Our Support Team will help you with your request.



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